Buying or Building?

Check the legal restrictions of the property and ensure that the building complies with National Building Regulations (NBR) and that all existing structures are in accordance with the council approved plans.

Why should you Archicheck?

If there are any structures on the property that have not been approved, you may be held liable for a penalty fee of up to 100% of those building costs, implemented by local government. On top of this, you will need to complete the plan approval process which is costly and time consuming.

Remember that most homes in South Africa are sold voetstoots, meaning you will not be able to claim these expenses from the seller at a later stage.

We can furnish you with the zoning, permissible coverage, height restrictions and boundary lines of your property. We will also inform you if the building already exceeds the maximum permissible coverage, which may mean that a portion of your building has not been approved by council.

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