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Determine the viability of your investment. Be sure that what you envision is legally possible. Know what challenges may lie ahead and how to overcome them in the shortest time-frame possible.

Complete the request form and receive your report within 48 hours; or book an on-site consultation with one of our affiliated professional architects to discuss the viability of the proposed project.

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Our report provides you with the following information:
  • Zoning of Erf (single residential / general residential / commercial / mixed use)
  • Total permissible coverage of the stand / Erf (allowed building coverage of the Erf can be as low as 20% of the stand size, depending on the zoning of your property)
  • Building height restrictions that apply to the property
  • Building line positions / distances from boundary lines
  • Permissible bulk factor (the allowed building scale in terms of floor area, coverage and height. i.e. the allowed sum of the areas of all floors of a building on the subject property)
The following additional services are subject to availability:
  • Surveyor general’s diagram indicating site co-ordinates and site boundary lines*
  • Design guidelines*

*on special request; subject to availability