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Archicheck – Have all the right information before you buy property!

Buying a home can be scary, especially when no one is backing the buyer.

Archicheck is the only home inspection company in SA, that employs only qualified architects who are registered with SACAP. Have an architect in your corner!

For example, did you know the total allowed coverage of your property may range from 30% to a 100%. You might also be prohibited from adding a second story due to height restrictions.

We can approach South African councils on your behalf to acquire property zoning rights, and use our vast database to give you the remaining permissible coverage, height restrictions and building line setbacks on a property.

We will also alert you if the building exceeds these guidelines, which means a part of your building may not be approved by your local council. This happens more often than one would think, and can have dire consequences down the line, because council is permitted to demolish any structure that was not previously approved.

Okay, let’s check a property

For more comprehensive protection, book a full property inspection where we will investigate the building for mild to serious structural defects. We will also provide a cost estimate to repair these issues, which you can use to negotiate for a better price.

Use our design affiliate, Archimedes Design, for your renovations and receive a 50% discount on your inspection report.

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