Property Inspection – Quick Snag List – Photo Album

Get a ‘digital gallery’ of defects

Photo gallery snag list

Receive an unbiased property inspection by our technicians. Defects are captured and presented as a labeled digital gallery. An efficient snag list, giving you a record of photos and videos.

Fast, Unbias, Cost efficient snag list

Well suited to sellers / lessors of property and estate agents who need to document a photographic snag list of the patent defects of a property.

  • Non-biased record of property condition at time of occupation / vacation
  • Inspection of internal and external of building / apartment.
  • Non-invasive visual assessment by Architectural Technologists
  • Executive summary by senior Architects
  • Client receives a folder containing a photo gallery of defective items
  • Photos are named according to the defects identified
  • Folders indicate defect location

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Renting property?

Often times there are disputes that arise over the refunding of the deposit due to damage claims.

Capture the aesthetic defects at the time of occupation or vacation of a premises.