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Archicheck employs professional Architects and Engineers to provide the highest quality reports and most comprehensive property inspection services, with drawn details and specifications on how best to resolve any detected problems. 

We have various property inspeciton report types, tailored to suit different needs:

We have various report type options which include some of the following services:

  • Scrutiny of approved building plans and as-built deviations
  • Assessment of the title deed for restrictions / servitudes
  • Snagging report of entire building (interior, exterior) 
  • National Building Regulation compliance assessment
  • Report on potential health and safety issues
  • Condition description of relevant defaults
  • Written advise from our architects on all of the above
  • A cost estimate for the repairs of any defects can be included

We also provide critical information on purchase and development feasibility.

We approach the local municipal council on your behalf to acquire the Zoning of your property, which dictates the rights of use on the land. Know more before you buy, renovate or develop property. Check the legal restrictions of the property.

We can furnish you with information such as permissible coverage, height restrictions, allowed bulk and boundary lines of your property. We will inform you if the building already exceeds the maximum permissible coverage, which may mean that a portion of your building has not been approved by council. You may want to build on down the line, but do the restrictions in the area allow for this? It is important to understand how much space (coverage) you have to work with before committing to a purchase.

Financial implications of unapproved structures

It is always important to remember that if the building has not been approved and indicated on the as-built plans, your local council holds the right to issue you with an instruction to demolish all unapproved structures. You would also be fined for 100% of the building cost for all unapproved structures.

Most properties in South Africa are sold ‘voetstoots’, as such, buyers are unlikely to be able to recover costs for latent and patent defects. That’s why you must have a highly qualified inspector to Archicheck your property before you commit to the purchase.

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