Quote for Inspection – New build snag list

Building or renovating?

Get an impartial report on project works.

Get a snag list inspection by SACAP registered professionals

Defects period snag list for new buildings under construction

Receive a snag list report, with plan and image referencing; as well as Architects’ details to resolve defects.

Report includes tailored Architectural drawings for a contractor to implement

Best suited to developers of property and contractors who need to receive a non-bias snag list for project works. We are authorised to provide actionable details and working drawings. All details and specifications are drafted by our SACAP registered Architects and Engineers.

  • Drafting and or scrutiny of building plans
  • NBR compliance check
  • Check for discrepancies between approved plans and as-built structure
  • Inspection of internal and external of building for snags during construction or to achieve practical completion
  • Client receives a report of defective items with photo and plan referencing
  • Report includes recommendations, specifications and detailing for the execution of works by contractor

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