Property Inspection – Premier Comprehensive Report

How can you be sure that the building you are investing in is up to standard?

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Receive a very thorough report on every aspect relating to your building / property that you can imagine and more.

As SACAP registered professionals, we are the only firm with the authority and ability to issue construction documentation, which can be handed over directly to your contractor for use.  

Our flagship property inspection report leaves no stone unturned!

  • A condition report on ALL items on the entire property (working and defective)
  • Detailed structural assessment of building
  • Snagging of property grounds and outbuildings
  • Architectural drawings and specifications on how to best resolve any issues
  • Ironmongery description (e.g. condition of doors; their keys, locks, hinges, frames and even screws) 
  • Media for your records (photo & video)
  • National Building Regulation compliance assessment  
  • Assessment of the title deed for restrictions / servitudes*  
  • Scrutiny of approved building plans and as-built deviations* 
  • Assessment of the Surveyor General Plan (SG Diagram) to check the registration of the property and to check for any servitudes*  
  • An executive summary from our senior Architects and Engineers on all of the above with custom drawn details for a contractor to use.
  • A cost estimate on fixing defects can be included upon special request

* Documents to be provided by client/agent. Can be obtained by Archicheck (Pty) Ltd. on behalf your behalf with letters of consent being provided.

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