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To ensure that you receive the best service possible, count on our qualified SACAP registered Architects as well as Engineers and Architectural Technicians to conduct comprehensive property inspections and compile the reports that set the standard in the industry. We will provide you with drawn details and specifications to ensure that a contractor can execute the works correctly. 

Numerous references and sample reports can be emailed to you upon your request. We are at your service.

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Should you be looking for an investment opportunity, let us help you by giving you unique insights into the property market.

We will provide you with crucial zoning information, and possible design options on any property in South Africa, allowing you as an investor to make your decisions with information that will make a difference. Determine the viability of your investment.

Be sure that what you envision is legally possible and financially viable. Know what challenges may lie ahead and how to overcome them in the shortest time-frame possible.

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